5 Exciting Responsive Designs

Everyone  is talking about responsive design these days nd , and everyone certainly has a strong opinion about it. But, whether you love it or hate it, responsive design is bound to go mainstream. Every business from Harvard to AOL are embracing responsive design as the wave of the future, and more websites are popping […]


Today  concerts and  performance are not enough to make an artist popular. Some actually spend the time, money, and effort needed to maintain a good presence online. Their websites are good looking, interactive, filled with great content, and are generally blessed with cool designs. Websites naturally evolve over time, and bands often change the look and […]

Landing Pages Best Practices

Landing pages can be a great benefit to any business trying to attract clients on-line. A number of on-line services offer templates for creating landing pages with proven effectiveness, while custom-made landing pages offer a personal touch. Here we want to share some best practices to apply on your landing page. Landing Page Best Practices   […]

The power of web design on hotel business

A great web design can be a powerful tool for establishing a brand. In the hotel business, a website gives the chance to present the services and atmosphere that is being offered to the target group.   This collection demonstrates how hotel web design can incorporate beautiful features and target their audience in the right way. […]