Why Social Media is Good for Business

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5 Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Business When the Internet came, it changed business forever. Email changed the speed and rate of communication between all parties involved; then came the ability to purchase, trade, and sell goods and services online; the relationship between the internet and business has been growing steadily since. Social Media […]

CXGlobals’ Growing Partner Channel

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Our Growing Partner Channel Network Building a brand online takes more than just setting up a website and a few social media accounts. It requires a dedicated strategy, careful execution, and continuous monitoring and followup. Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses find it difficult to build their online presence at a reasonable cost, as well […]

A letter to our Partners in our 10th anniversary

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of every individual that is part of it. Celebrating our ten-year anniversary is a milestone achievement itself, but this amazing journey would not have been possible without the dedicated commitment and support of all parts involved in getting us here today; every employee, […]

DigitalStride: A Marketing Solution for The Digital Era

Digital Stride The Internet is a fantastic tool to find new business, especially for Technology companies. But many companies find it challenging to reach out to a significant online audience and generate new leads. This often happens because of a lack of direction and proper strategy for digital marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing. Even […]

WordPress 4.9: The Best Release Ever

Improve the way you edit code with the new and safer version of WordPress. Its new widgets will let you customize your website with better advantage and enhancements, let´s take a look at them:   Code Editing Improvements: CodeMirror The most drastic improvement to code editing in 4.9 is that you can actually code editing […]

Avoiding The 4 Most Common Mistakes When Publishing Blog Articles

It is time to re plan your whole marketing strategy focusing on your audience and their demands. Let´s check the most common mistakes businesses do when it comes to branding and digital presence. Being Too Sales Oriented Of course the #1 goal for companies is to improve their sales, but consider entertaining your audience as […]

Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2018

Lets get ready for next year digital trends by mastering your SEO strategy. Apply the right SEO with these powerful trends and tools that will help you achieve your digital goals: Keyword Research Get a list of the best keyword tools of this year like Google’s Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest and Searchmetrics. You need to get […]

How to Improve Business to Business Communication

A full marketing strategy should be your cornerstone and a priority to help increasing leads and turning your brand into an industry influencer. Organizations that manage Business to Business (B2B) communications behave than companies that sell directly to the consumer or individual customers; therefore, your approach should be focused on the industry’s best practices and […]

Successful Case: Consensus Colombia

Consensus Colombia is a SAP Business One Gold Partner who was facing difficulties on its presence and visibility online, which was affecting their sales and online marketing efforts. These issues were not reflecting their powerful IT solutions and came to CXGlobals looking for help and digital advice. The Solution During a six months process, we were […]

Boosting Digital Presence for Siemens Partners in LATAM

Siemens established a partnership with CXGlobals to optimize the Digital Marketing landscape for their partners in Latin America. The main goal was to increase online presence through their digital channels, with a custom product Landing Page, and Search Engine Optimization for the newly created asset. Finally, Siemens can promote solutions and campaigns with a successful […]